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Latest Competition Draws

Saturday, 14 OCTOBER 2017
No 1 Tee        
11.00 Gary Clark Robin Denby John Kissack Trevor Riseley
11.06 Ian Johnston Kevin Jones Mike Clapham  
11.12 Lyell Collins Jim Cook Chris Peters Syd Dyer
11.24 John Edwards Rocky Marchioni Steve Jones Lance Scott
11.30 Tony Stephenson Neil Hewitt Stretch Renai Grant Hoben
11.36 Paul Neilson Nigel Seaton Cliff Bishop John Brocherie
11.42 Ray Andrews Alan Matheson Wayne Hutchings Ray Clapham
11.48 Ricky Walker Kevin Roberts Karl Rollinson Bob Cusdin
12.00 John Tavita Harry Rutledge Donald McKay Alan Stephenson
12.06 Russ Hortin Tony Smith Gavin May Dave Alliston
12.12 Tim Dunbar Keith Ussher Noel McLaughlan Jeff Brown
12.18 Jacob van Petegem Rob Duncan Jim Robinson Gary Forster
12.24 Steve Williams Ron Chisnall Kieran McGoverin  
12.30 Hank van Keulen Peter Giles Murray Aitken  

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE FOR MENS CLOSING DAY:  new date is Saturday 11th November 2017

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